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Research Units

    Does your group do research in any field of transportation and/or mobility? GET warmly welcomes applications for membership from all research units, institutions or universities in Portugal. The membership is free and subject to the conditions previously established. For more information, you can contact us at grupo.estudos.transportes@gmail.com

    example of information to be provided:  (link plus one paragraph description) - Contact of the usual attendee at the annual meeting or/and responsible for the respective research unit 

Members from other Research areas are welcome to provide the specific information.

IDMEC,  Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

Contact: Prof. António  Andrade

Research Lines:

  • Railway systems;
  • Intelligent maintenance systems;
  • Predictive and optimization methods;
  • Reliability engineering;

Keywords: Railway systems, maintenance engineering, risk and reliability

DEPROT, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Contact: Dr. Daniel García

Research Lines:

  • Projeto Geométrico
  • Segurança Viária
  • Simuladores de Direção Veicular

Keywords: driving simulator

DECA-UBI, University of Beira Interior 

Contact: Prof. Bertha Santos

Research Lines:

  • Road and airport pavement management systems
  • Railway infrastructures maintenance management systems 
  • Sustainable urban mobility (soft mobility): pedestrian and cycling 
  • Road Safety 

Keywords: road and airport pavement management systems, sustainable urban mobility, road safety 

Contact: Prof. Jorge Gonçalves

Research Lines:

  • ·Sustainable urban mobility management: Pedestrian, cycling and public transport
  • ·Urban transport Infrastructure Management: Autonomous Vehicles
  • ·Rail Infrastructure management
  • ·GIS applied to transport management and operation

Keywords: Sustainable Urban Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles, Infrastructure management

NIT/TRT (Transportation Research Team) University of Beira Interior 

Contact: Prof. Jorge Silva 

Institution: Aerospace Sciences Department, University of Beira Interior (UBI)

Research Lines:

  • Air Transport Economy and Management
  • Air Transport Safety and Security
  • Aircraft Operations

Keywords: Air Transport; Safety and Security; Aircraft Operations