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Looking to make a difference in this world? Founded in 2003, we have been committed to transforming the path of Portuguese research on transportation. We meet once per year in a cozy retreat and share our research and our plans for the coming future, opening the possibility to merge efforts in successful partnerships.  

Join us and see how you can make an impact!


GET 2025 News

In less than 150 days, we should announce the location for GET 2025. Follow us on LinkedIn or visit our webpage to know more about it!

GET Collaboration

GET is open for collaboration with funded projects to share the organization of research events, workshops and participation in projects. We also indicate thematic experts from our group to participate in activities, when requested. Contact us for more information!


GET acknowledges the importance of sponsors to pursue its activities. If you are interested in sponsoring GET, please contact us!

Embryonic Stem Cells


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